Ragging is a crime which destroys the physical and emotional confidence and it led to an increase in Suicide activities.

Our institution maintains a healthy and congenial academic environment for the students. The institution offers protection to the new entrants from the menace of ragging. In this regard our University has constituted an Anti Ragging Cell. The cell is headed by Prof R.Nirmala Krishnan, Principal, VCN along with committee members comprising of senior faculties and hostel wardens. Anti Ragging Squad members have been deputed from all departments to monitor students discipline inside the campus.

An act to prohibit “Ragging” in educational in the state of TamilNadu. The institution has established anti ragging committee under

  1. The Tamilnadu Prohibition of ragging Act 1997.
  2. It extends to the whole the state of Tamilnadu.
  3. It shall be demand to have come into force on the 19th day of December 1996.


In this act unless the context otherwise requires. “Ragging” means display of noisy disorderly conduct or doing any act which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological harm to raise apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to a student in any educational institution and includes teasing, abusing of playing practical jokes on, or causing hurt to such student or asking the student to do any act or perform something which such student will not in the ordinary course willingly do.

Prohibition of ragging

Ragging within or outside the educational institution is punishable.

Penalty for ragging

Whomever directly or indirectly commit, participates in abets or propagates “ Ragging” within or outside any Educational institution, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to a fine.

Dismissal of student

Any student convicted of an offence under section IV shall also be dismissed from the institution and such student shall be not admitted in any other educational institution.

Anti - Ragging Committee

Name Designation Mobile No
Prof.Mrs.N.Sheelavathi Principal 9443734674
Prof.Mrs.M.Geetha Vice Principal 9965443455
Mr.N.Sivakumar Office Superintendent 9942462836
Mrs.S.Rajeshwari Warden 9443745671
Mr.S.Perumal Father of P.Mahalakshmi  B.Sc.,(N) 9787076671
Mr.S.Sarathi Father of S.Priya B.Sc.,(N) 9787163717
Mr.S.Dhandayuthapani Father of D.Kiruthiga,Dip.,(N) 9943164429
Mr.M.Mohidin Father of M.Nashiha Banu., Dip.,(N) 9976590046

Anti - Ragging Team Office – Contact Details

Name Position Mobile No.
Mr.Senthilkumar, IPS Superintendent of Police 04286-281000
Mr.T.K.Santhamurthi Inspector of Police, Special Team Anti-Ragging 9442255572
Special Branch, Namakkal - 04286-280500
DIG Office, Salem - 0427-2312575